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Sturdy machines come to life as saturated portraits. Each work of art is like a metaphoric one-panel comic. The stories and inner worlds of the person depicted are told through colours and parts of the engine - reframed as recognisable symbols.

"Throughout my artistic process, I dive deep into the world of the person
portrayed. I delve into their interests, their stories and their nonverbal
communication. I interview, listen, write and quiet down. I throw myself
into their realities, wanting to convey their stories and yearning to fully
understand my subjects."

Every detail and every colour reveals something about the individual
behind the engine. Have the bolts turned into seashells, the oil dipstick
into a lifebuoy, the camshaft into a rose or the coolant hose into a
snake? By pausing to explore my pieces, one can traverse someone
else's world and reality while discovering something about oneself. This
way, the viewer can approach the unknown through curiosity and

What would You look like as an engine?

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